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1. When you and/or your organisation are experiencing a high level of change.  This is where finding the time and personal space for you is important to ensure you remain clear and balanced in your own world.

2. You are in a leadership position and would benefit from some time to reflect on big changes or decisions to explore in a safe and confidential way.  Sometimes you may have started a new job and time to reflect and explore ideas with an independent person can be helpful to help you get established.

3. Building resilience, resourcefulness and confidence.

4. Attempts to change an organisation’s culture – a tricky business!

5. Working through a very tricky situation for yourself, but with the support of a coach.

6. Sometimes coaches can work with more than one person, to enhance team building and cohesion.  It is not uncommon for you to work with a coach but to also discuss the outcomes with your line manager and it might be that you both agree the desired outcomes together in an initial meeting with a coach.

7. Action learning is a form of coaching and mentoring but undertaken in groups – this is particularly effective when facilitated by a coach through an Action Learning Set.  This can be a very effective way to explore particular thoughts and ideas and to get different perspectives on a problem you want to solve or a particular goal you might be interested in achieving with a group of people.

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