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Lee Norris - Principal Coach

Elnor's Corner is a Leadership Development, Coaching and Mentoring Company, Blog and Community of Practice.
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If you are interested in our services please call +44 7868 211 976 or email: lee.norris@elnorscorner.co.uk.

Elnor started off as my blogging pseudonym and whilst it is a play on my real name, Lee Norris, it is also means "Light Hearted" or "Shining Light".  Elnor's Corner Limited became my company name and represents a safe space to work with me and my associates to develop yourself, to be light hearted and to let your light shine in business and in life in general.  We are serious about transformational leadership and business to be more compassionate and emotionally intelligent because we believe that this IS the future of business.


 Being connected has never been more important and I believe that Transformational Leadership Development, Coaching and Mentoring has a big role to play.  I also believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humour, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to start Elnor's Corner Limited. 


If you would like to meet highly qualified and experienced coaches and change leaders regarding executive or leadership coaching or to explore our brilliant leadership programmes in association with Change Innovators UK, please get in touch.  I and my team would love to hear from you.


I also launched the Elnor's Corner website project and blog to create a thriving community of like-minded people and hope you join me.  To see what I’ve been up to, browse the site, read and comment on the blogs, learn about my passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.

There are a few little things that are important.  Please be engaged, be inquisitive and be respectful - so we can all learn as we go.  Thank you :-)


You can find out more about my coaching approach and services on this site and please also read, comment and share the blogs pages.  I'm also very active on the social media sites in the links below.