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Executive and Leadership Coaching

New World Expectations need New World Leaders 

Coaching with us is about your personal development, which in turn enables you to experience what we call the Vertical Leadership Development Process based around our framework of Your CORE, Your LIFE and Your POTENTIAL.


Who you are is how you lead so knowing who you are first is important in your  authenticity as a leader.




Psychometric Certifications

We only use the best, industry leading and highly developmental psychometrics

DISC and Driving Forces (TTI Success Insights) - Highly developmental psychometrics to help you understand your behaviour and motivations, and very effective for developing self-awareness and a better appreciation of self and others.

EQi2.0 (MHS) - The premium emotional intelligence tool to help you understand how get the best of yourself and others.



Leadership Development

In association with Change Innovators UK we offer state of the art programmes based upon the Science of Leadership using a combination of Positive Psychology, Psychometrics, Neuroscience and HeartMath TM to build positive self awareness and self accountability in life and leadership.

EMCC EIA Global - Senior Professional
TTI DISC Behaviours
TTI DISC and 12 Driving Forces
TTI 12 Driving Forces
TTI DISC Behaviours
EQi2.0 Emotional Intelligence
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