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Ontological Coaching

Ontological coaching is a deeply transformative approach to coaching that enables clients to develop higher levels of level of self-awareness and self-understanding, enhancing leadership potential (self-leadership) and establishing better balance in life overall.  New world expectations need new world leaders and our cutting edge approach will help to set you up for the future.

Sometimes known as "coaching to the human soul" Alan Sieler, 2008 the approach centres on three aspects of being human, namely.

  1. Language and linguistic acts - focusing on creating more optimistic realities and shared realities

  2. Somatic knowledge - focusing on "what the body knows", and how this can help you to be more self aware and intentional.

  3. Ontological emotion and mood - focusing on resistive and accepting modes of being.

For many this is seen as the premium coaching approach which requires a form of mastery.  All of our coaches are highly qualified to Masters Level in Coaching and Mentoring or Organisational Psychology and all have professional associations with either the ICF, EMCC or the AC.

We also offer advanced training as Faculty Associates with the world leading leadership development organisation Change Innovators.  Providing, flexible and accessible classroom or blended learning programmes alongside coaching which enhances and deepens the experience.  This is available for executives and executive teams in addition our senior leader programmesTo find out more click on the image below.

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