Ontological coaching? What the phenomenology is that?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Part of the aim of my blogs on Elnor's Corner is to demystify some of the topics and themes involved with coaching. I certainly don't want to reinvent the wheel, but I do want to facilitate and ignite interest, get people to think and above all build a community. I'm exploring, so to speak, and I'm really interested in ontology in itself as well as its application in coaching. Ontology to put it simply it's about the nature of being (human). As a subject in coaching, there are some real experts out there and I want to signpost where possible to build a body of knowledge, which I've done in the links below. In later blogs, I will explain why I think ontology and another concept called phenomenology, which put very simply is about making sense of the world through experiences, are really important to coaching practice or at least to my coaching practice. However, even in some small way, I hope I can tease you enough for you to look into it. I will blog more on the subject and continue to develop the site.

For a start, read:

It is what you say and the way that you say it, that's what gets results. Try Ontological Coaching by Lee Norris

Have you tried Deepak? It can put you in control. More on Ontological Coaching by Lee Norris.

Also read:

What's so special about Ontological Coaching? by Alan Sieler

and check out Alan's organisation, the Ontological Coaching Institute.


Ontological coaching and Phenomenology are intrinsically linked.  This image depicts a small boy deep in thought, observing what is around him whilst he sits in a go cart.
Reflecting in thought

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