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Leadership Coaching and Artificial Intelligence: A Tale of Moon Rat on Peach Moon

To brighten up every ones day I would like to share a story that was created for children by Adobe and Chat GPT who wrote for it me. It was inspired by a conversation I was having with a colleague at work about the power of AI Tools. The images and text are completely generated by AI, but the rather random idea was my own.

Don't be afraid of Artificial Intelligence, but recognise that you have a responsibility to train it well and show it how to do wonderful things that enhance human life.

As a Leadership Coach, all I am saying is that Leadership Coaching and Coaching Artificial Intelligence to be brilliant, compassionate, creative and loving will mean that this is what you and all of us will get back in return.

With the advent of these new and wonderful applications and tools we will need a new way of leading on both a personal level - self accountable leadership - and at an organisational level - compassionate leadership because they will become ubiquitous in our lives.

I attended an amazing lecture by Professor Johan van Niekerk regarding the use of AI in teaching and learning of the future. I would highly recommend you look him up and find out more and if you are in the UK you can do this through the UCISA Organisation as well.

I asked him if he thought AI would become sentient (self aware). He said he thought it might, but that the bigger question is would AI be sane? Insane, sentient, hyperintelligent AI is not what I would like for the future, so lets take responsibility for training AI and ourselves well for a wonderful future of coexistence with AI and each other.

Enjoy! the story, there will no doubt be more to come.

Moon Rat the Explorer

(Adobe and Chat GPT)

A picture of Moon Rat the explorer looking at me and standing on front of his beautiful oon
Moon Rat the Explorer

Moon Rat, is a curious explorer,

who lives on Peach Moon, forever.

One day, a shiny star fell,

Moon Rat wondered, "What's that smell?"

It was stardust, bright and sweet,

Moon Rat danced moved his feet.

"Let's make peachy stardust pie!"

Friends joined in, oh so spry.

Laughter echoed through the sky,

Moon Rat's heart soared, oh so high!

Moon Rat and his friends lived happily ever after, baking peachy stardust pies and laughing under the twinkling stars of Peach Moon.

Moon Rat is lazing on a peach moon looking at me and smiling.
Moon Rat on a peachy moon

The End

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