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Intentional use of language is our Super-Power to produce a better future!!

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Cross words of Choose Your Words
Choose your words by @Brett Jordan (Unsplash)

Intentional use of language is potentially our super-power for the future, as we change the discourse for ourselves and our organisations and society towards one of hope not fear. Let's give it a go!

When I studied for my degree in the early nineties I was introduced to Noam Chomsky's ideas and writings in relation to language and linguistics, and through studying ontology (being human) and how language creates reality and then how we experience life through a phenomenological (what comes up for us as we experience life) lens of being human - what else can we do? To put it simply, what we think to ourselves and what we say to others generates shared understandings. How we make sense of and act on this is the experience of what it is to be human and, some argue - this creates reality. The problems that Chomsky quite rightly gets us to think about are where this shared understanding becomes a potentially coercive societal discourse that is very hard to challenge because there might be no psychological or at worst no physical safety to engage in conversations that threatens the reality of those who benefit from the status quo.

This is very much playing out in our daily lives as we attempt to make sense of what is going on around us when we are bombarded by ideas, words and conversations especially in the media attempting to influence us.

This is where coaching in the ontological style will be of help to you. Firstly, locate yourself, understand what you think, feel, believe and say. Then learn the skill to engage in a more intentional way with your inner world and the outer world. In short to take charge of your own life, be accountable for yourself and not others first.

If we start to do this en-mass then there is hope for a better life and a better more compassionate society where the discourse about the future is positive and fulfilling rather than fearful and anxious.

Recently Chomsky has been interviewed on some of the big topics facing us at the moment from A.I to the War in Ukraine, including the increasing and if we think about it absurd idea that there could be a nuclear war. Who on earth would possibly want that? Hmmm, I wonder?

Why not have a listen to this enlightening and sometimes challenging conversation which certainly challenges the discourse of the status-quo and in the ontological coaching style ask yourself these questions "What comes up for me as I listen? What makes sense? What triggers me and generates an emotional response? Why?".

If you want to start some conversations then please do put your thoughts in the chat or get in touch no problem at all. Maybe we could start our own groups for conversations that open up new possibilities?

Noam Chomsky talks on big subjects 2023

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