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Ahhh Whippets ;-) I do love them. This one is called Olive and she loves to walk with me.

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

What this post is really about is walking in the context of coaching. Walking and coaching/being coached is a real thing. Some of the most meaningful conversations I've had have happened whilst walking. It's a great opportunity to bring people into a very different space, free of the little square room a.k.a. office, motorway service station or hotel lobby, and to start 'noticing'; How they feel, move and think differently when getting a bit closer to nature. This is a blog I'm going to update and comment on as I hopefully get people to join the community and participate in the important thinking around this subject and that of Ontological Coaching.

This is a beautiful image of Olive the Whipped dog curled up in her red blanket.  She is a typical whippet with grey colouring and lots of stripes, a beautiful pointy nose and a loving face.  This image is used in the blog to introduce the concept of walking whilst being involved in a leadership or executive coaching relationship.
Olives the Whippet


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