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Welcome to Elnor's Corner :-)

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

This is my first go at anything like this! The next step I wanted to take in my life to share some thoughts and ideas and frankly see what happens. I am continuously learning about coaching and mentoring and have been very successful in working with some amazing people. There is a lot to this and it's misunderstood by some folk and I want to explore and create greater understanding.

So, I really want people to join in and see if we can build a community of people who want to do the same, my particular flavour of coaching focuses around something called Ontology, which in simple terms means looking at the whole person and their state of being. Yes the focus will be on leadership and in particular, leadership without authority is what I'm really interested in.

At the moment I'm planning, that is to say, thinking about what to put up and see where it takes us. I have a curious mind and wanted to create a little corner where we can sit quietly or shout loudly about things that matter.

The sort of things I'm interested in are centred around people - even if we talk about technology, cars, films, books, boats, holidays, skiing, climbing, the changing of the seasons, philosophy, organisations, anxiety, depression, joy or whatever - the most important thing for me is it bring it back to how all of these things can have a positive outcome for all of us - creating a community where everyone is as important as everyone else and where everyone is stunning and fantastic because that is what I believe we really are.

By all means, get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

This project is intended to be a shared exploration for those that join in to learn and explore together about the subject and related ideas

You can find me on LinkedIn - Lee Norris if you want to know a bit about me, but the community is more important than I am.

There are a few simple things though, please - be engaged, be inquisitive and be respectful - so we can all learn as we go.

Let's get started and see what happens ......

A white cloud depicting a smiling face against a blue sky has been drawn in the sky and looks down onto a green tree reaching up.  This is intended to invoke an image of a safe space in a cleadership coaching relationship where growth is occurring in a beautiful and nourishing relationship.
Elnor's Corner


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