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Five climate coaching questions related to disruptive thinking - help required!!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

If you type “disruptive thinking” into a search engine you get lots of different types of listing that come back.

- There are those that try to define what it means.

- There are some that give lists of disruptive organisations, many are cited for example:

UBER, FORD Motors (Which I’m assuming means the original FORD Company not the ford of today) that might be …TESLA, AirBnB, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple....and the list goes on.

- You might even get some individuals, but, if you search for "disruptive thinkers" then interestingly you don’t get any names. Try it....

This got me thinking.

Disruptive thinking, in reality, appears to be where an individual(s) took advantage of the technology (which was innovative) at the right time to take something that we all need or want, and do it differently.

Differently has to be perceived to be better and better appears to be about convenience of a kind – and the other thing that seems to be true is that it happens at scale and loads of cash is made.

As an equation which is probably wrong I wrote this:

Scaled Perceptively Improved Outcome = Disruptive thinker + (totally different technology * millions of people using it * number of times people use it * shed load of cash)

This got me thinking.

How are those disruptive thinkers who are trying to change us as people rather than trying to make a shed load of money out of technology and a major paradigm shift going to be successful?

Greta Thunberg came to mind. She is an individual (tic) who is using technology (not tic) to improve something that we all want (um…not sure).

This got me thinking of five coaching questions:

1) Why is a beautiful environment where millions of people and animals don’t get exploited and killed, one where we can move freely without risk of catching a deadly disease or being killed for an ideology something that we don’t seem to want?

Man in a field of wheat looks upwards to the sky, whihc is filled with wispy white clouds against a beautiful blue background. He is pondering the future of the environment and climate.
Contemplating the environment

2) Surely this can’t be the case? (Maybe the world hasn’t been diminished enough for us to desire an improvement?)

3) What desirable technology(ies) that everyone wants to use on a regular basis is missing from the Thunberg equation?

4) What is it that everyone wants, every day?

5) What is the payback if it’s not money?

Please help!! I'm worried that time is running out...Ha!

This blog was inspired by Al Kennedy - Environmental Coach

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It's a nasty business when companies and governments don't want the environmental issues aired, check out this link to the BBC article because it’s dangerous to be an environmentalist, it can get you killed.


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