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Here's some social prescribing for you!! Do something different: Have a hobby and find your flow!!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

As well as Coaching, I also love curry!! So much so I built myself a Tandoori Oven. Cooking curry to the standard of an Indian restaurant I used to tell myself was "out of reach". But then, I started coaching myself! If others can do, it why can't you? There are some great

Tandori oven made out of flower pots
Home made Tandori Oven

YouTube channels out there to help you find your Mojo if you would like to give it a go. I'll put a couple of links at the end of my blog.

So last summer I decided to build myself a Tandori Oven out of flower pots. Here is the almost finished article for you see.

It was great fun and I found myself really enjoying doing something that was a bit different for me, and something that would (fingers crossed) enhance my future culinary practice with a proper tandoori oven.

Along the way, I also decided to make a VLOG and had a go at making a film which I put on YouTube. I learned some new skills, had a lot of fun and ultimately cooked some lovely food. I got into a flow when I was doing this, much like I do when I write my blogs. It has been a brilliant way to keep me focused on something other than Covid-19.

I've put a link to my video just below.

What's your hobby and where might you find your flow? :-) I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I've also added a couple of links to my favourite curry making channels:

Al from Al's Kitchen

Latif from Latif's Inspired

Thank you to both of these guys they have taught me a lot.


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