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Ontolocal Coaching in the style of Shakespeare by ChatGPT

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

I asked Chat GPT to write me a poem about Ontological Coaching in the style Shakespeare. This is what it did...

Delve and seek

To understand the self and what we truly are

But oft in vain, for answers are not easy to unearth

Enter then the coach, with wisdom and guidance to impart

A helping hand to lead us on our journey of the heart

With gentle words, and keen insight, the coach doth lead

Through the maze of self, and all its hidden needs

And as we walk this path, we find a deeper sense of peace

For in understanding ourselves, we find release

From doubt and fear, and all that holds us back

With ontological coaching, a new path we hack

So let us embrace this journey, with open hearts and minds

For in the end, a greater truth, we all shall find.


What are your thoughts on Coaching and AI?

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