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Business Coaching and Consultancy
There's good science in what we do.

Business Coaching is a general term used by coaches and mentors who work with people in organisations of all shapes and sizes.   As your business or organisation starts to grow or you get promoted and you take on management of more people, your role as a leader will change as well.  We offer you the chance to explore and develop leadership potential, overcoming challenges and building upon ideas for the future.

In line with our philosophy about being human first, there is both psychology and neuroscience  behind our coaching approach and our leadership development programmes which are there to ensure you are supported as you equip yourself to grow and lead your organisation with greater insight and personal confidence.

We can offer business development through

- Coaching as a Leader Programmes

- Creating Positive Energy

- Creating a values lead purposeful culture for high organisational performance

We work with organisations and people with all kinds of development needs and areas including Charities, Public Sector, Technical and Engineering companies and Consultancies and our leadership programmes offered in conjunction with Change Innovators UK are internationally recognised.

Benefits and Outcomes

Business Coaching is really helpful in organisations of all shapes and sizes, where leaders and leadership teams need a trusted companion for periods of time to enable them to unlock potential, support people with their personal development, overcome short term challenges, managing growth and change, better appreciation of self and others, and support them in decision making.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

PS: The most important thing for you in choosing a coach and mentor is that you find the right match of coach and that you contract appropriately.  A professional coach will guide you through this process to avoid any common mistakes that are made.

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